Keeping the Lights On Off-Broadway: How the City Must Step Up

This essay was written by Robert Stanton and published in the Gotham Gazette. Seeing an Off-Broadway play may have saved my life. Joseph Papp gave me my first acting job in 1985, in Shakespeare in the Park, and offered the… Continue Reading →

Does MOU mean Health Weeks for You?

Guess what? Actors’ Equity members can get health and pension weeks for theater-related work that’s not on an Equity contract … or even in a theater. If you’re an AEA member and perform theater-related work like doing live industrials, corporate… Continue Reading →

Today in Union History: President Franklin D. Roosevelt addressed a crowd in right wing San Diego asserting the right of all workers to join unions. “It is now beyond partisan controversy that it is a fundamental individual right of a worker to associate himself with other workers and to bargain collectively with his employer.” – 1935

Myth #2: You Are Easily Replaceable

“There’s power in a factory, power in the land, power in the hand of the worker. But it all amounts to nothing, if together we don’t stand, There is power in a union.”- Billy Bragg “You’re easily replaceable. There are… Continue Reading →

Acting as Labor – Interview with Lou Liberatore

Lou Liberatore is currently tearing up the stage at Actors Theatre of Louisville​ as Roy Cohn in Tony Kushner’s “Angels in America.” Lou is a veteran of the Circle Repertory Company, a Lifetime Member Artist at Ensemble Studio Theater and… Continue Reading →

In Defense of Artistic Work

“Sit in a full theater, and you will think you see so many lines drawn from the circumference of so many ears, while the actor is the center. He doth not strive to make nature monstrous; she is often seen… Continue Reading →

“The Only effective answer to organized greed is organized labor” – Thomas Donahue, former president AFL-CIO

Community in Crisis: A.R.T.

In light of both news articles we reposted this morning, we thought it an appropriate time to talk about A.R.T. Both the training program (The Advanced Institute for Theater Training at Harvard University) and the theater itself have undergone major… Continue Reading →

CHANGING THE STAGE: Alejandra Escalante as Hotspur at OSF

Alejandra Escalante​ is playing Hotspur at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival​ right now. #FairWageOnstage caught up with her to ask her about her experience as the first woman to do so at the festival. FWOS:  What were your expectations working on… Continue Reading →

Casting Evita in 2017 and Beyond

By Lauren Villegas Generally speaking, the American theater is already on the right track to becoming a beacon of representation and inclusion. American theater—American musical theater in particular—has come a long way from its origins in minstrelsy. It’s been a… Continue Reading →

A Chicken in Every Pot and an ASM on Every Contract

Not too long ago, Equity ratified a LORT contract that added jobs for stage managers for the first time since the 1990s. When SPT was re-promulgated shortly thereafter, NO jobs for stage managers were added despite the fact that many… Continue Reading →

Myths that Keep Actors and Stage Managers Exploited and Broke

Prologue If you are a professional stage actor or stage manager in the United States, it’s likely that you have many beliefs about the “realities” of being a theatre professional. However, you may be surprised to learn that what you… Continue Reading →

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